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Race And Justice For Blacks.


criminal justice

Supporting our black and brown returning citizens is a top priority! Since 2020 more than 5,300 people have been released from NJ State prisons. We want our brothers and sisters to re-enter society with a strong community-based support structure. Access to employment, transportation, health, and education resources are necessary for a seamless and productive transition. 


New Jersey Statute - Administrative Parole Release

State of New Jersey Department of Corrections COVID-19 Updates

Cannabis Policy

Our Communications and our Criminal Justice Committees have been reviewing our State’s newly enacted cannabis policy. There is concern about cannabis abuse within our neighborhoods, especially dealing with quality-of-life concerns and health concerns with community youth. There is also the lingering criminality of cannabis and the economic access disparities.


State of New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission
Personal Use Cannabis Rules (pdf)



environmental equity

Environmental and Climate Justice is a civil rights issue. Each of us depends on our physical environment and its bounty. We will be looking into toxic facilities, water facilities, and youth education buildings. We have also collaborated with environmental organizations to educate youth and families about the importance of land conservation, land stewardship, and using the land to grow healthy foods.

Outdoor Equity Alliance

State of New Jersey Environmental Public Health Tracking Network

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